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Captive Cover Bolt

NV/XV Series

Prevents loss when cover is removed for adjustments. Stainless Steel.














Manual Override

Stainless Steel with wrench flats for easy manual operation.

Fine Adjust Cams

Allows 90 to 270 operation.



Potted Leads

Optional sealed leads prevents moisture ingress from conduit runs.



ISO 5211 Mounting Pad











Female F05, F07 Square or Diamond. Stainless Steel.

NEMA 4,4X, 7, 9 Housing Design

Terminal Strip


Pre-wired and marked for fast hook-up.

1/2" Conduit Entry

Two entries. One each side.

Polyester powder coated aluminum cover and base are conversion coat pre-treated for superior corrosion resistance.

15amp SPDT Switches


Two extra switches are also available, including field kits.


High Strength Gears


All gears are heat treated alloy steel designed to AGMA standards and able to withstand stall torque conditions.


Heavy Duty PSC Motor


High torque motor with automatically re-setting thermal protector to prevent overheating.


Ball Bearing Support


Ball bearings on both the upper and lower rotor shaft provide greater reliability.

Output Torque


350     40


475     54


625     71


725     82

in-lbs             Nm

Speed   Sec/90


7        6         7         7         7


10       9        10        10       10


9        8          9        9         9


10       9         10       10      10

115Vac            12Vdc           24Vdc            230Vac        24Vac